You ever have that feeling that you've got some things to say, but they're not really that important at the end of the day? So do I! So, here's a collection of things I've said. I call it "x to the second power: more words than necessary"


Yeah, this is that post. The “welcome to my new blog” post. Let’s get all the normal bits out of the way:

  • “I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I promise things are changing.”
  • “This blog is primed to make me so much money somehow.”
  • “I’m going to have so much content, you guys.”

OK, so now that that’s over, let’s get serious. I put “blog” over there, but that implies I’m going to post here often. The truth is you shouldn’t follow this blog or expect content. The point of this site is just to have a little corner of the internet for my very own whenever I need such a thing. The inclusion of a “blog” is just because that’s a good format for that type of content, but not a guarantee of consistency.

So, you’re still here? Hmm. Well, I’ve got cookies or something. That’s… that’s about all I have, though. I might direct you to a specific page on this site, but I don’t expect you to check back or anything. Thanks for checking in, though!